Team Facilitation

Team Facilitation

Case Study – Team Facilitation in Sales

David Ward, CEO at VW Heritage wanted some training for his sales staff. David knew that I had little experience of sales but understood the Team Learning approach and was confident that I could get good results for the team. The sales team was very busy during opening hours and therefore we agreed to run four one-hour early morning sessions.

Despite being already at the top of their game, the sales responded to my questions and quickly came to realise the potential of further success. Individually they possessed high levels of technical and sales expertise but need to distribute knowledge more across the team. They quickly identified the benefits of also sharing some of the systems which had developed in sub-groups. The sessions were very energetic and the ideas flowed and quickly implemented. The one skills area which was highlighted as important but didn’t already exist in the team was the ability to manage challenging callers. In response to this I introduced some conflict-management techniques to the final session.

Team Learning encourages team members to work on improving what they do and how they do it, giving them the motivation to succeed and investment in the team.

Case Study – Managing Conflict

A director of a national charity asked me to help with a local team of 18 who were experiencing a high level of conflict. It emerged that team members were barely talking and had taken out a formal grievance against their manager. In turn he had become exasperated with the team and frustrated at his own failure to manage the situation.

In our coaching sessions I helped the manager to learn some new ways for asking their team to change the behaviour towards each other. In the team building day that followed I helped the team members to share their aspirations for teamworking. In the latter part of the afternoon they were able to talk about what they valued as members of the team and what they’d like to improve.

The impact was profound with happier relationships and more open dialogue between staff and managers – needless to say the grievance was withdrawn.

Investing in good practice

Nearly all companies invest in their staff with targeted training courses to help them perform well. Whilst this approach works well, it is sometimes undermined by delegates not adopting the good practice described on courses, or not bringing them back to the workplace. Your employees may already posses the skills but aren’t using them because they are no “on board” or simply don’t understand. 

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Team Facilitation and Future Focus – How it works

I ask your employees to work towards a future where their team is functioning in the best way possible, I help them to think about what is already working well in their section and what would be the next small signs of success that they would see as they work towards their goal.

The techniques I use are drawn from a number of sources and are built from extensive study and practice in the fields of groupwork, communication psychology personal and organisational development. These approaches can help build greater engagement and better relationships – this approach is particularly useful where teams are in conflict.

Why choose Team Facilitation?

  • The approach is highly relevant as it takes place entirely in the context of the work of the team
  • People generally like to achieve at work and are mostly committed to their own and others’ success at work
  • People are more convinced by what comes out of their own mouths than others
  • The success of the sessions are always closely aligned to your success as an organisation

What are the features of a Team Facilitation session?

  • Existing strengths are the foundations of future achievement
  • Practical solutions are highly valued
  • Motivated is high as the way to success becomes clearer
  • Team members enjoy working together
  • New problem solving habits are developed

Workplace Mediation

Unhappy workplace relationships interfere with your ability to get things done and risk formal action. Workplace mediation can bring about good solutions for everyone

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Team Facilitation

Your greatest assets are your staff. With team facilitated sessions I can enable you to access untapped resources. Help your people find their motivation and use these to deliver more for the business.

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Specialising in building staff engagement and better relationships, I can provide training and coaching for your managers on how to get the best out of, and for, your staff.

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