Support for Managers

Support for Managers

Organisational Development Tools

I am experienced in a number of organisational development models and toolkits to help you to understand your performance and how it can be enhanced. These include:

  • European Foundation for Quality Management – I am a trained EFQM assessor who has used this tool to assist companies identify where they should apply their resources.
  • London Excellence and Sussex Business Awards – I have been successful in achieving three separate London Excellence Awards for Sussex Probation and am currently supporting a private sector company in their application for the Best Sussex Employer award 2009. These awards have been part of my consultancy approach, using the criteria to guide improvements whilst the Awards themselves recognise success.
  • Investor in People – I have been the organisational lead in helping the NSPCC and Sussex Probation Area achieve and retain their Investor status.
  • Other tools and techniques – Belbin Team Roles, SWOT analysis, Boston Matrix, Thinking Hats etc can all be used.

Organisational support

I have a long track record in training, coaching, facilitation and organisational development to help you achieve success, satisfaction and learning in your organisation.


I deliver a range of leadership, management and personal development training programmes using contemporary techniques and theory. I combine this with my facilitated, solution-focused approach. View the full list of training programmes.

My newest course is aimed at helping managers engage their staff in the aims of the team and company. Click engaging-your-staff-course-overview to take a look at how this can help you.

My training programmes are highly successful for three principle reasons:

  • Training content is always based on the latest thinking on the subject
  • Course style is always engaging and interactive, this satisfies delegates in their need to be interested and involved
  • There is always time to link the learning with what is important to the delegate back at the workplace – this enables the training to build improved performance


I have extensive experience in supporting people to achieve the changes they desire. My coaching style is strongly informed by the Solution Focused approach to organisational development. I also draw upon my experience and training in NLP which enables me to use powerful communication techniques to assist you.

Types of coaching include:

  • Management coaching – particularly in relation to people development including managing conflict.
  • Career coaching – at all levels
  • Presentation coaching – in conjunction with observed sessions, video recording
  • Specific issue – related to an issue identified by the client
  • Non-managerial supervision – a chance to develop the clients capacity over a period of time

Leadership Team Support

I have been used in the capacity as facilitator to help the Leadership groups of a number of organisations focus on their goals, manage their relationships and harmonise their aspirations and resources. This service can be used as a one-off to help with Leadership Team away-days or as a series of meetings.

Events Facilitation

I have facilitated groups of all sizes from 400 to 4 to help achieve a range of objectives. Included in this list are staff conferences, fundraising launches, strategy reviews, consultation exercises, team redundancy sessions and outward-bound activities.

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Workplace Mediation

Unhappy workplace relationships interfere with your ability to get things done and risk formal action. Workplace mediation can bring about good solutions for everyone

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Team Facilitation

Your greatest assets are your staff. With team facilitated sessions I can enable you to access untapped resources. Help your people find their motivation and use these to deliver more for the business.

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Support for Managers

Specialising in building staff engagement and better relationships, I can provide training and coaching for your managers on how to get the best out of, and for, your staff.

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