My Partners

My Partners

In order to provide you with the best possible service, I often combine with other like-minded professionals. Key to such partnerships are shared values and a complementary approach to your needs

Lynda Goncalves

Lynda is a fully qualified and experienced HR professional who specialises in the field of Employee Relations. I have worked alongside Lynda on a number of challenging ER matters and Lynda has supported me where there is a need for a specialised Employment Law input to ensure that you are on firm ground legally.

Why is this necessary? Many larger companies will have established Human Resources policies and practices in place to ensure that their approach to employment is fair and legal – this ensures that staff are properly treated and the employer safe from legal challenge. Many smaller companies do not have such a resource and in such occasions it may be useful to check the situations with a properly qualified HR professional.

Chris Wilkins

Chris is a former barrister and qualified mediator. Much of Chris’s work is court ordered mediation. Currently Chris and I are offering a combination of team building and formal mediation to Employee Relations solicitors and companies who are experiencing a high level of relationship breakdown.

Why would you need a mediator? If you are already involved in court action, involving a mediator may be extremely useful in achieving a resolution and be cost-effective in comparison with formal action The value of mediation is recognised by the Courts and increasingly the Courts are willing to penalise parties for unreasonably refusing to mediate.

Mark Anderson

Mark is an IT consultant who has worked with me on a number of projects where it has been useful to support learning on-line either by the delivery of content or undertaking training needs analysis

Sue Noble

Sue is an excellent trainer and coach and we have worked together on and off for a number of years. Sue is particularly well known as Training Jornal Coach of the Year 2007 and for running a number of ILM accredited courses.

Workplace Mediation

Unhappy workplace relationships interfere with your ability to get things done and risk formal action. Workplace mediation can bring about good solutions for everyone

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Team Facilitation

Your greatest assets are your staff. With team facilitated sessions I can enable you to access untapped resources. Help your people find their motivation and use these to deliver more for the business.

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Support for Managers

Specialising in building staff engagement and better relationships, I can provide training and coaching for your managers on how to get the best out of, and for, your staff.

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