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Contagious Influencing for Trainers (Cottage Course – only £75!)

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March 23, 2011
75.00 GBP
Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex
United Kingdom

What if you could create the optimum learning environment, using a range of hypnotic techniques where the learner reached this state without even realising consciously why they felt so good?

What if you were able to integrate simple techniques using language and yourself to achieve deep rapport with individuals and groups?

Could you just begin to imagine how contagious that learning environment would be and how much more confident you could be in any training situation…?

Well you can and here’s how…

This one day workshop is for anyone involved in the learning of others. Whether you facilitate group or one to one learning, you will learn an exciting range of techniques that will maximise your ability to influence learning and change.

By the end of the day you will be able to:

  • Understand the relationship between the conscious and unconscious mind and how this impacts learning
  • Use  simple techniques to manage yourself so you can pace and lead learners contagiously
  • Maximise rapport with individuals and groups using language and metaphor to pace and reinforce learning

The content of the day will include:

Building  conscious and unconscious rapport by working with language and sensory preferences

Hypnotic language techniques to optimise learner’s confidence and competence in their ability to learn.

Simple techniques to manage you; let’s face it if you aren’t enthusiastic about the learning and calm and confident in your delivery, how can you expect learners to be?

How to use story and metaphor to influence change at an unconscious level.

This workshop will be interactive, good fun and will focus on you learning and trying out techniques. Jill Tonks is an experienced cognitive hypnotherapist, trainer coach and consultant.

This is one of our Cottage Courses and will be delivered by Jill at Phil’s home in Shoreham Beach, West Sussex. Lunch and refreshments will be included.

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