Top Tips for Running Group Learning Sessions

Can your managers lead skills development in your company? Top Tips for running groups sessions 

Many companies use their most experienced operators to bring on their newer staff. This of course is a great idea – people can learn on the job, knowledge capital is maintained and develop and the mentor develops new skills.

But what if your managers are not happy or experienced in this new role? Maybe you’ve got a performance issue that needs righting quickly? What happens when you’ve got lots of new staff and the manager doesn’t have time to get around to everyone? 

Managers are really enjoying the new Workshop Development Skills course which we started running a week or so ago. This is a course to help managers run group sessions for staff to help them learn and develop their performance. This is a list of the most important learning points from our first group

       Start the session by asking 3 positive and true things from each participant

       Highlight where current performance is high

       Involve staff in workshop by asking what they hope to get from the session and what they’d like included

       Incorporate a conversation about a successful future, when these skills are used to the best of their ability

       Encourage discussion on how stakeholders will benefit

       Keep presentation element to around 25% of time

       Consider the learning style of the group and the facilitator

       Think about people’s emotional state before the content – make sure that they are comfortable

       Finish by reflecting on what they’ve noticed about themselves and their colleagues during the session and how they’ll apply the learning

       Have fun!

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