Training in Tough Times – New In House Training Courses

All my clients are in a difficult spot and I’ve developed a trio of new in-house management training programmes to help. Luckily I’m able to keep costs down – get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

 “Talk Yourself Out of Trouble”

Challenge and conflict in organisations can get more difficult in tough times – this course will help your managers to –

  • Get key messages across succinctly and with confidence
  • Handle direct challenges to their position
  • Mediate in conflict between staff
  • Have difficult conversations
  • Understand the key behaviours for managers in a recession

 “Keep Your People Going”

The fear of redundancy provides short term motivation but creates a corrosive culture of fear – this course will help your managers to –

  • Create discussion about the future, even in tough times
  • Use team and project meetings to address the real challenges whilst focusing on success
  • Engage with their staff as individuals and groups
  • Build and maintain performance around what really matters to people
  • Turn around despondency and a lack of commitment

 “Building Team Relationships and Morale”

Employees leave managers but stay for their teams – this course will help your managers to –

  • Create a working culture of mutual appreciation
  • Build engagement into day to day management activities
  • Delegate  for development with skills and confidence
  • Model good relationships  and high professional standards
  • Learn how to intervene promptly in conflict situations


Hope that helps. Contact me to find out more


A Splendid Sight

Optimistic Little Poem

Now and then it happens

that somebody shouts for help

and somebody else jumps in at once

and absolutely gratis.

Here in the thick of the grossest capitalism

round the corner comes the shining fire brigade

and extinguishes, or suddenly

there’s silver in the beggar’s hat.

Mornings the streets are full

of people hurrying here and there without

daggers in their hands, quite equably

after milk or radishes.

As though in a time of deepest peace.

A splendid sight.

Hans Magnus Enzenberger, translated by David Constantine

Workplace Mediation

Unhappy workplace relationships interfere with your ability to get things done and risk formal action. Workplace mediation can bring about good solutions for everyone

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Team Facilitation

Your greatest assets are your staff. With team facilitated sessions I can enable you to access untapped resources. Help your people find their motivation and use these to deliver more for the business.

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Support for Managers

Specialising in building staff engagement and better relationships, I can provide training and coaching for your managers on how to get the best out of, and for, your staff.

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