Why I Want You to Come on my Introduction to Solution Focused Facilitation Course

Like a lot of people I got into supporting people because I though that I could help and because getting involved with people gave me a real buzz. Thankfully this has been the story of my career,

Sadly there have been other times when working with people hasn’t been so satisfactory. To be honest it’s been a struggle and I’ve sometimes been left frustrated and – let’s be honest – angry. It’s not how I want to feel but it has been my experience.

I wanted to find a way to help me have helpful conversations with anybody at anytime, never mind how cross they were, how difficult the situation was or how hopeless things seemed.

I think that I’ve got there – or near anyhow. Using Solution Focused and related approaches I’ve been able to step into situations where others have feared to dread. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been warned off by wary managers, have been met with pitiful glances as I enter meeting rooms, have been greeted like a condemned man at reception areas. However I know that I’ve got some good questions and faith that people are doing the best they can (whatever they are doing) with the resources they have.

It isn’t just good for really fed up people either. On many occasions I’ve had to secretly wipe away a tear as colleagues affectionately share their appreciation of each other (well us Welsh blokes are softies).

Of course there are no guarantees. There never is with people. Like them, and you, I’m just trying my best. I am looking forward to sharing what I know with you. I hope that you’ll be there. Sign up if it makes sense to you, 125 squid


Managing Meetings (quoted and being surprised by the results..)

I contributed to a article in Shortlist (London’s Magazine) It was lovely to be asked, however my comments are presented in a way which appear – well – more testosterone charged than I would choose ; – ). Thanks to Michael Hogan who wrote the piece

Take a look, page 47


People are more motivated to complete a longer journey if they perceive that they are already part way to the finish line

I really liked this article. The great thing about Solution Focus is that we don’t need to trick people, just ask them to tell us how come they are on their way, where is it that what they desire is already happening – good stuff!!

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